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Since the 1930s…

In 1936, Messieurs Perron et Rigot, pharmacists founded a laboratory under their name to manufacture cosmetics products. The French were discovering the freedom of paid vacations for the first time, and Perron and Rigot proved to be visionaries; they decided to follow the changes society was undergoing, anticipating the development of the leisure industry. They created a tanning oil and a depilatory wax.

Then, The Company did not own a manufacturing plant and products were produced in a residential building in rue Saint Florentin in Paris. And distribution of the products was done by a delivery tricycle painted in the colors of the fledgling company, pedaling through the streets of Paris and her inner suburbs!

After the war, the company accompanied the burgeoning of beauty salons, supplying numerous practitioners in Paris and its region.

The expansion years

Beginning in 1972, Monsieur des Garets, a trained parfumeur who had been employed by Jean Patou, took over the company with the conviction that it was time to revolutionize depilatory waxing products. This beauty professional felt that all the waxes then available on the market were outmoded. He wanted to improve their comfort and effectiveness.  His goal was to transform a utilitarian act into an authentic skin care treatment.

In 1975, he opened the first manufacturing facility in Thoré-La-Rochette, in France's Loir-et-Cher Department. In 1978, the company underwent restructuring and concentrated its activity on developing new waxes. Its name was changed to Périgot.

The company revolutionized the depilatory wax industry by its creation of new concepts (strip and non-strip waxes) for which numerous patents were filed. In 1988, the first no-strip disposable wax, "SB," came into being.

In 1991, expanding business led to the creation of a new, more spacious production facility with an area of 2,000 sq. m., also at Thoré-La-Rochette.

During the '90s, in order to better cover the French territory, Périgot acquired several regional wholesalers. In 1994, the Nice sales platform was integrated into the company. It is now the center for distribution throughout France.

Product quality control

To ensure the quality of its products, Perron Rigot has a long-standing policy of applying quality control procedures similar to those used in the cosmetics industry to its internal testing.

Prior to the launch of a new wax, the formula is tested and products are heated to a temperature of 41° c for six months for the purpose of accelerated ageing tests. Microbiological analyses along with skin tolerance tests are conducted under dermatological control in order to ensure that each wax is harmless for the customer.

Our beauty therapists test internally each wax that we are developing. This ensures that we maintain a very practical approach to product development. 

Perron Rigot’s renewal

The group’s CEO, Mr. Jean-Claude Sirop, has renamed the new entity with its original name: Perron Rigot. Aware of the essential role played by depilatory waxing in the salon business and convinced of the exceptional quality of the Perron Rigot waxes, he feels that depilatory waxing should be considered the first beauty treatment.

Internationally, the high quality standards and innovative nature of Perron Rigot products have led to the dynamic development of a distribution network that currently includes locations in over 65 countries.

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